Born 12 April 1968, Udine

• Garden Technician

• Landscape Architect

• Professional Gardner

• Irrigation Systems Architect

• Plant Health Consultant and Inspector


GARDENS & DREAMS was established as a sole trader in May 2009.

After more than 20 years experience working for the best professional companies in the fields of flower and plant production, gardening and related systems, I decided to branch out on my own and put to good use my varied experience, offering design, creation and professional gardening services; the 'turnkey' garden, to people passionate and eager to have or improve their garden and the quality of their outdoor living.

The way I choose to interpret gardens is orientated towards criteria which demonstrate maximum respect to the conservation of naturalness; the use of native and other species included in the climate and tradition of the area with implementation of special and new varieties where suitable, in order to  render each and every creation unique.

My idea of turnkey gardens respects the necessary future growth of the plants, their natural biology and uses a series of evergreen and deciduous shrub species that will guarantee the presence of flowered areas from February to October.

We use only non-invasive techniques, fertilizers and natural products allowed in organic agriculture. 


     chisiamo02 OUR SERVICES

• Personalised landscape architecture
• Design and creation of small lakes
with streams and waterfalls
• Turnkey (Instant effect) garden creation
• Automatic irrigation systems
• Artistic lighting systems
• Minor building projects (stone wall
• Routine and preventive maintenance
• Plant health consultation and intervention
• Tall tree pruning
• Free Site Visits and quotes




GARDENS & DREAMS   phone:  +39  335 1659595   

via del Monticello  124/a   55054  Massarosa (LU)

P.iva 02241460464    C.f. MRGRRT68D12L483J

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